Picture this – you arrive at work on Monday after a great weekend, feeling as though you’ve recharged the batteries in a tropical wonderland after suffering another “seasonal” Melbourne weekend. Before long you run into that guy/gal who never strays from their “go to” beer, usually something with either a green or red label with the words Bitter or Draught in prominence. This time something is different; they regale you with stories of how they stumbled across this out of the way bar (your local) that has this amazing tap list (no kidding) and they met some brewer that was shouting everyone in the bar tasters of <<Insert Your “Unicorn” Beer Here>>. Your jaw¬†drops – you have been hunting this beer for ages, and it was right there in YOUR local, and you missed it.

You follow all of the breweries and craft beer bars in Melbourne on Facebook – how did you not see this event? Was it all of the #FakeNews that is in your news feed? No, you remembered you were taking a week off of Facey because of all the sponsored posts you are bombarded with, and as a silent protest to the fact that you never seem to see updates from your “real friends” anymore.

So there you are, your working week ruined already, and it’s not even 9:30am on Monday. You know the only way to resolve this deep knot in your stomach is to get your craft hit tonight. We’ve all been there, and finally, there is a place to go, that will tell you where to go… welcome to craftbeercalendar.com.au